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For any crystal lover out there, it’s safe to say that your collection of crystals keeps growing and growing each day. Ranging from different colors, shapes, and energies, crystal collections are as unique as each crystal found. Some people enjoy the adventure of finding their crystals in the wild(Mining) and some love the experience of visiting crystal shops.


If you’ve recently found interest in the world of healing crystals but don’t know where to start, here’s a list of my Top 5 Crystals to have in your collection. All of the following crystal wraps shown are ones that I have made in the past. To check out the rest, visit my instagram.


5) Obsidian

Chakra: Root

Obsidian is an excellent grounder of energy. It has a strong Earth frequency that allows for meditation to be found with ease. Excellent in absorbing negative vibes in any room, it transmutes all the negativity into positivity. Obsidian is common throughout many parts of the world, especially in areas that have or had active volcanoes( Obsidian is remnants of Lava). Many cultures have used Obsidian for tools, weapons, and spiritual practices.



Chakra: Heart

The opening of the heart chakra creates a sense of love through out your life. Malachite is a premier love stone and helps the opening of your heart. Mostly used for protection before astral travels, Malachite holds a strong shamanic frequency. This Shamanic experience results in very deep past life meditation, revealing answers to you from your past lives. Malachite can grow along side Azurite, its cousin that affects the 3rd eye.


3)Peacock Ore

Chakra: Throat ,3rd Eye, Crown Chakra

Also known as Chalcopyrite, this Universal stone looks much like the Universe itself. Composed of many different colors, it’s part copper and part pyrite (Fools Gold). This stone is a prime healer for the inner self. It brings tranquility to your thoughts, and clarity to your life vision. Peacock Ore can also help heal your Aura. The Aura glows brighter, allowing everything around you to shine brighter with your presence.



Chakra: Solar Plexus

Manifestations are triggered by thoughts and with creative force behind them. Citrine holds the power to manifest abundance into your life. It has a heightened positive frequency that is easily picked up the moment you come in contact with it. It’s vibration is so strong, that it never requires cleansing. It can also act as a charger for your entire collection of crystals.



Chakra: 3rd Eye

Amethyst is the prime crystal to have in any collection. This crystal has a powerful psychic frequency that helps to elevate dreams and daily life. Dreams become boosted to a level where astral projections/ lucid dreams can be achieved with ease. Daily life becomes synchronized, allowing for your thoughts to easily manifest into this holographic realm. Place an amethyst close to you as you sleep.


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How to cleanse crystals…

How To Cleanse Crystals

How to cleanse crystals

The term “Cleansing” in crystal knowledge is the idea of letting crystals absorb Universal energy from its surroundings, promoting a clean frequency of power to each crystal. It is important to cleanse your crystals frequently. Throughout the daily use of crystal energy, they build up negative energies that don’t allow the crystal to promote a positive field for you. There are so many ways to cleanse crystals ranging from nature baths to meditation.

The following are some techniques that can be used to cleanse/charge crystals.


  • Sun Bathing/Full Moon Bathing

The energy that radiates from the Sun and Moon help to charge crystals. This Universal light collects itself into each crystal, making them more shiny and full of life. To cleanse under the Sun, be mindful that many crystals can fade with time. Let them sit in the Sun for 30 minutes to an hour and then remove them. To let them soak Moon energy, I suggest putting your crystals out 3 nights consecutively prior to a Full Moon. Bring them in every morning. If you pay close attention, the crystals sometimes feel a little heavier after Sun/Moon bathing.


  • Water Soaking

Water carries life. Life is water and everything in this world is water based. Letting your crystals soak in water lets the negative energies float away from the crystal. Use a clear glass bowl, fill it up with distilled water and place all your crystals inside the bowl. Be mindful that some crystals can dissolve if left in water for a long period of time (Calcite’s, Selenites) Many claim that salt in water is a good, but I’ve come to realize that the salt can end up in crevices of the crystal which then builds up.  Make sure to recycle the water to plants. The water carries bad energy after using it, but nature is a good way to recycle this water. Combine this technique with the Sun and Moon bathing to boost the energy flow of the Sun and Moon.


  • Sea Salt

Sea salt works a lot like water cleansing. Get a bowl of sea salt and simply bury your crystals inside it. Leave them in the bowl for 3 days. Try to use thick pellets of sea salt(So salt doesn’t end up inside cracks/crevices of crystal) Once finished soaking, wash them off with running water. The running water itself helps dissipate bad vibes that your crystals have accumulated.


  • Crystal Host Cleansing

Applying big crystals into your mix can have dramatic affect to the energies in your crystal collection. Just like how we all influence each other on a daily basis, crystals influence each other as well. Some crystals that cleanse other crystals include: Citrine, Amethyst, and all the Kyanite type crystals. Simply put the cleansing crystal in the middle of all the crystals that you wish to cleanse. Be mindful of cleansing the main cleansing crystal every now and then.


  • Focused Intent

The easiest way to program a cleansed frequency on a crystal is to used focus intent. Intention is important in every aspects of our lives and can be used for your crystal. Simply hold the crystal in your hand. Close your eyes. Imagine white light being absorbed in your Crown Chakra and imagining the light travel inside your body and into all your chakras finally leading into your hand. This is great to apply into your daily meditation sessions. Maybe pick one crystal every time you meditate, allow the energy of the crystal to be cleansed and use the crystal for your meditation while you’re at it. It is IMPORTANT that you use the Focused Intent technique every time you obtain a new crystal. Even if the crystal comes from good intention, still program the crystal to your own frequency.


These were some cleansing techniques that are used in my daily life but just like with everything, there are much more techniques to cleanse crystals. I highly suggest to do research on your own to further investigate this.

Many Blessings!



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