Organic A.I. Crystal Shop 1 Year Anniversary…

July 1st, 2015 marked the 1 year anniversary to my online shop Organic A.I. It was celebrated with a huge Sale and multiple giveaways. This has been an amazing year and I would of never imagined how much support and feedback my crystal wraps have received. Over 1200 crystal wraps made so far and counting! It is truly a beautiful thing to see the admiration and fascination many supporters have expressed about my crystal wrap art. I am very grateful to see one of my many passions progress into what it is now and I will continue to provide art for the world to see, feel and heal. Thank you all so much! This wouldn’t be an accomplishment if it wasn’t for the awesome support from all my online supporters and friends. Thank you so much…
organic ai
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Fire Agate
Fire Agate “The Ganesh”
Giveaway via Twitter
Amethyst Fibonacci
Amethyst “Fibonacci”
Giveaway Via Instagram