Love Grows…

Love grows…
What is Love?. Something that is felt, something that comes from the heart, something real. Maybe it’s just a chemical reaction to certain hormones and emotions, triggering a sense of joy from endorphins flowing throughout the body. So is Love just alchemy?
Not sure what it is, but we all know what it is…
We all have loved… Many times too. I guess when we fall in love, we see missing pieces from ourselves in someone else. Almost like they hold the many different puzzle pieces for our journey of existence. We are all products from all the different loves we had, good or bad.  And many say that love at first sight doesn’t exist. Maybe it does… the idea of it exists, so why doesn’t it exist?
When we begin to ask many questions to something that naturally appears, raw meaning becomes distorted. The beauty within this natural phenomena begins to be ripped away from all the color it brings into your life. Love once, love many times. Let it flow, Let love grow…

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