Had the privilege of going to Tokyo Japan once again. Did lots of city walking, crystal shopping, and nature walking. This time I got to experience Japan in summer, which turned out to be a very humid experience. Traveling to different places allows new perspectives to be gained. The chance to see yourself far away in unknown areas and having to adapt quickly to the way of life. This isn’t the last time I visit my second home Japan.



Shinkjuku with a train passing by as traffic is ready to move.

gundam wing

This life size Gundam moves and glows! It is located in Diver City.

summer bomb 2015

Summer Bomb 2015 is a annual Hip Hop event that caters to Japanese Hip Hop.


I happen to stumble onto the Pikachu event! It was the last days for the event so this was a lucky experience. Pikachus everywhere!

meiji jingu shrine

Meiji Jingu Shrine. Payed a vist to the nature Gods and thanked them for my existence in nature.


Asakusa is rich in beauty and ancient structures.The lighting made it appear wonderful in my camera.


Kamakura Japan. The Great Buddha has been displayed for over 800 years. Definitely an honor to visit this incredible place. The vibes were incredible.



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