Anime inspired crystal wraps available in my shop!

Anime inspired crystal wraps are now available in my shop! There will be many more anime crystal wraps dropping in my crystal shop throughout the year. Stay up to date on my instagram to catch them as they release. Anime wraps have been a style I have introduced since 2016. These are a tribute for my love to anime and Japanese culture. Scroll down and check out the ones I have made so far!  This post will keep updating as more are introduced in my crystal shop.


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Everything falls into place…

Falling… Falling into… Falling into a place where things fall into place. Reality. Space. Fiction. It all seems so relative…

A subtle sense of seeing things connect but still finding it to be an inconceivable sense of connecting…

Are we cursed to experience life with blind awareness or is it a blessing to see everything disguised as unreal?

Falling into place are these thoughts that make some sense…

Falling into place are these fingers typing away….




Top 5 Crystals To Have…


For any crystal lover out there, it’s safe to say that your collection of crystals keeps growing and growing each day. Ranging from different colors, shapes, and energies, crystal collections are as unique as each crystal found. Some people enjoy the adventure of finding their crystals in the wild(Mining) and some love the experience of visiting crystal shops.


If you’ve recently found interest in the world of healing crystals but don’t know where to start, here’s a list of my Top 5 Crystals to have in your collection. All of the following crystal wraps shown are ones that I have made in the past. To check out the rest, visit my instagram.


5) Obsidian

Chakra: Root

Obsidian is an excellent grounder of energy. It has a strong Earth frequency that allows for meditation to be found with ease. Excellent in absorbing negative vibes in any room, it transmutes all the negativity into positivity. Obsidian is common throughout many parts of the world, especially in areas that have or had active volcanoes( Obsidian is remnants of Lava). Many cultures have used Obsidian for tools, weapons, and spiritual practices.



Chakra: Heart

The opening of the heart chakra creates a sense of love through out your life. Malachite is a premier love stone and helps the opening of your heart. Mostly used for protection before astral travels, Malachite holds a strong shamanic frequency. This Shamanic experience results in very deep past life meditation, revealing answers to you from your past lives. Malachite can grow along side Azurite, its cousin that affects the 3rd eye.


3)Peacock Ore

Chakra: Throat ,3rd Eye, Crown Chakra

Also known as Chalcopyrite, this Universal stone looks much like the Universe itself. Composed of many different colors, it’s part copper and part pyrite (Fools Gold). This stone is a prime healer for the inner self. It brings tranquility to your thoughts, and clarity to your life vision. Peacock Ore can also help heal your Aura. The Aura glows brighter, allowing everything around you to shine brighter with your presence.



Chakra: Solar Plexus

Manifestations are triggered by thoughts and with creative force behind them. Citrine holds the power to manifest abundance into your life. It has a heightened positive frequency that is easily picked up the moment you come in contact with it. It’s vibration is so strong, that it never requires cleansing. It can also act as a charger for your entire collection of crystals.



Chakra: 3rd Eye

Amethyst is the prime crystal to have in any collection. This crystal has a powerful psychic frequency that helps to elevate dreams and daily life. Dreams become boosted to a level where astral projections/ lucid dreams can be achieved with ease. Daily life becomes synchronized, allowing for your thoughts to easily manifest into this holographic realm. Place an amethyst close to you as you sleep.


Visit my website for more info about me and my crystal wraps!


Love Grows…

Love grows…
What is Love?. Something that is felt, something that comes from the heart, something real. Maybe it’s just a chemical reaction to certain hormones and emotions, triggering a sense of joy from endorphins flowing throughout the body. So is Love just alchemy?
Not sure what it is, but we all know what it is…
We all have loved… Many times too. I guess when we fall in love, we see missing pieces from ourselves in someone else. Almost like they hold the many different puzzle pieces for our journey of existence. We are all products from all the different loves we had, good or bad.  And many say that love at first sight doesn’t exist. Maybe it does… the idea of it exists, so why doesn’t it exist?
When we begin to ask many questions to something that naturally appears, raw meaning becomes distorted. The beauty within this natural phenomena begins to be ripped away from all the color it brings into your life. Love once, love many times. Let it flow, Let love grow…

Jump into the unknown…

The power to create your life is something so strong and something so vulnerable. The act of living can easily be blinded by the basic necessity of surviving with no risks. What is it that your Soul longs for? What can make true inner happiness feel real? There comes a time in our lives when a feeling inside us begins telling us to jump into the unknown. It’s as if someone from somewhere higher is yelling so loud that not even the fabric of time and space can stop it from reaching you. It takes place during a moment when you least expect. To let go of all expectations, to listen to this phenomenon beyond comprehension guiding you where to flow. Do you jump and fly or stay looking at the horizon of limitless possibilities your whole life?


Power to believe…

The power of believing can be the strongest trait you can obtain. Believing is fundamental to every aspect of your life. You are born in struggle fighting for your presence to be obtained. It’s a never ending fight to survive. Everything about existing is struggle. Your whole life you are tested in everything that you do. But at these moments, the foundation to a meaningful existence is being presented and can only be obtained by you. Never stop believing in your dreams. Never give up the fight to create a meaningful life…